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Felix & Norton

“Their intense devotion to our business is reflected in the attention they take with all the details, big or small, making sure to get it right every time. Always available, always involved, they are easy to talk to, attentive and understanding of our needs, and filled with creative suggestions and knowledgeable about multiple fields of interest. With All Beef Media we have trust, respect, and most of all, we have service providers who really share and understand the company and our values, passion and dreams. And besides all that, they’re so much fun to work with! I truly feel lucky to have connected with them.”
- Michael Eskenazi, President of Felix & Norton Licensing Inc.

HighScore House

“The team at All Beef Media knows how to craft your message to have a strong impact with your online audience. They have the experience needed to build a quality online community.”
- Kyle Seaman, Co-Founder of HighScore House

Pretty Ballerinas

“All Beef Media has helped take our PR and marketing efforts to a whole new level. Thanks to their extensive training we now have a solid social media platform to build on. They were there for us from the beginning and remain graciously available to us for any questions we may have. We could not be more thrilled with All Beef Media!”
- Alexandra Lerch, PR and Store Manager of Pretty Ballerinas Ltd.

In The News

Press Release – February 28, 2012

All Beef Media, Inc. Receives Grant from La Fondation du maire; 
le Montréal Inc. de demain & Opens a Head Office in Montreal.
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Montreal Gazette – August 8, 2011

Most people wouldn’t think to celebrate a one-year anniversary with a plateful of chargrilled meat, but for All Beef Media, there was no better way.

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CJAD Radio – February 13, 2012

Felix & Norton discusses their shift from traditional advertising to social media marketing with All Beef Media, on CJAD’s “Today’s Entrepreneur” (1:30–3:00)
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