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A Quick Note on MySpace

It’s no secret that MySpace is struggling. And despite a recent redesign to clean up its hot mess of an interface, MySpace’s parent company News Corp issued a “shape up or log off” warning this week that gave the nearly passé networking site mere months to pick it up.
Our secretary Merlin working his best MySpace angles

The problem is that people have already moved on. We deleted our MySpace accounts years ago and quite honestly have no interest in rejoining no matter how badly RandomModelSinger69 wants to connect with us.

A fresh look is, simply put, too little too late. No matter how cool the club looks, if your friends aren’t there, you’re not going to go. (And why would you, when all your friends and more than 500 million people are partying at the cleaner, more user-friendly Club Facebook?)

It just goes to show how important is it that social networking sites remain, above all else, social.