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You Really “Like” That?

Jennifer muses on the Like button

It used to be enough to ask whether a friend “liked” or actually “like-liked” a guy. The singular version suggests friendship, while the double-like insinuates a more passionate perspective. But now we have a new way to like. Or Like. The Facebook version.

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Meet Our Business Development Manager: Stephanie Lê

Armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, Stephanie jumpstarted her career in the wonderful world of magazines. During her seven successful years in the industry, she gained impressive experience in marketing, communications and advertising sales at top publications like FLARE, LOULOU, Chatelaine, Châtelaine, Hello!Canada, Today’s Parent, Glow and Pure. With her solid business background, keen advertising sales skills, passion for digital culture and boundless energy, Stephanie is the perfect fit for All Beef Media. A café aficionado, Stephanie is devoted to finding the best coffee and pastry spots around the world (ask about her faves in Tokyo, Berlin and Nicaragua). When home in Montreal she likes to indulge in a home-cooked meal, like her mom’s authentic Vietnamese beef dishes. Tweet her @stephanie_le and email her at


The Wild Wild West 

Sometimes the Internet feels like the Wild West. While some rules are made to be broken, in this instance we think the laws governing the Internet are only beginning to catch up to the misuses – and it won’t be long until the sheriff is in town.

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Three Questions for Adam van Vlaardingen of Dine After Nine

Adam van Vlaardingen is the founder of Dine After Nine, a delicious new site dedicated finding the best late-night munchies at reasonable prices. With no shortage of restos in Montreal, this is one food blog we’ll be consulting regularly! Adam recently sat down with us for burgers to dish about social media, and here’s what he had to say between bites:

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Meet our Social Media Manager Extraordinaire: Ashley Joseph

Ashley began her career as a writer at the age of 12, mailing runway reviews and book reports to magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker. Specializing in fashion, beauty and lifestyle content, Ashley has now been published in some of the country’s top publications, including FASHION Magazine, LOULOU, ZINK, and Urban Expressions. She honed her writing skills while completing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in History and Art History at McGill University, and found writing about clothes, food and makeup to be much more fun than the Merovingian dynasty. She may eat Froot Loops for breakfast (and for snacks) but when it comes to supper she goes for a rare steak. Follow her musings on Twitter @ashleybjoseph or send her an email at