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Felix & Norton discusses their shift from traditional advertising to social media marketing with All Beef Media on CJAD Radio’s “Today’s Entrepreneur” (1:30–3:00):


Q: Now the cookie truck is a great marketing tool, but there’s only so many people that you can reach, and especially that you individually, you and Gina, can reach yourself. How has your marketing changed from 27 years ago to today?

A: Well, you know, as we were growing the business with retail stores, we were using a lot of traditional advertising. There was a lot of our budget that was spent on radio, there was some newsprint, there was even the occasional TV spot and direct mail.

But now, we’re focusing all of our energy on social media. We’ve hired an amazing agency, four ladies that call themselves All Beef Media, and they are doing an amazing job for us in helping us get the word out. Because the way to share passion now days is personal. And Facebook and Twitter are ways that people communicate what they care about to their friends, to their circle around them.

So by getting the word out in social media, and these ladies are just so talented at it, we are getting people to share with their friends. When they take a bite of one of our cakes or one of our cookies, they tell everybody they know how good it tastes. And that’s better than just a written advertisement – that’s somebody you know telling you “try this, it’s great.”

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